The Meeting Point Malawi



The Meeting Point Malawi (German: Treffpunkt Malawi e.V) is a German-based non-profit organization which was established in 1997. Founded upon the aims of the Kolping society, we want to improve the life situation of the people in Malawi, promote the foundation of new Kolping families and inform people here in Germany about Malawi.


What is the Kolping society?

The Kolping Society is a Catholic Social association with headquarters in Cologne. It is based on structures similar to that of a family and counts more than 400,000 members in about 5,000 so-called Kolping families worldwide. The foundation and naming is ascribed to the priest Adolf Kolping who lived in the 19th century. The principal item and main focus of the work of the Kolping society is the engagement with and for the family. Besides, the internationality of the association wins more and more importance.

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What does the Meeting Point Malawi do? 

Currently, the Meeting Point Malawi supports different projects in Malawi and holds partnerships with Kolping families in the north of Malawi.


With the St. Michael’s Skills Development Centre in Ekwendeni, the Meeting Point Malawi supports a new project which was just founded in 2011. The Centre provides vocational training for orphans and vulnerable children between the age of 17 and 25. Unlike most of the vocational skills centers in a Malawi, St. Michael’s provides free education for these youths. At the moment the four teachers teach about 33 youths in carpentry/joinery and tailoring. Also a new established library which can be used by the entire community is a part of the Development Centre.

files/tpm/images/StMichaels06.jpgTrainees of the St. Michael’s Skills Development Centre


The Centre faces a lot of challenges such as lacking training and teaching materials and classrooms. The rooms are currently located in a rented house which is not meant to be used as a school. Therefore the aim is to build a school block with proper space for all students. Also the course offers shall be extended to train for example bricklayers, electricians, and mechanics and reach more youths.


Lusubilo Orphan Care in Karonga has been assisted by the Meeting Point Malawi from many years. Lusubilo (in English: Hope) fosters around 70 children at the orphanage and supports about 10,000 orphans or vulnerable children and their guardians in the whole Karonga District. Lusubilo provides mosquito nets, porridge, infant milk and other necessary items to families in need. Furthermore the organization, which was founded by Sr. Beatrice Chipeta, a Rosarian Sister, supports agriculture, self-support and women groups in the area.


files/tpm/images/Aidsprojekt4.jpgThe Lusobilo Orphan Care in Karonga


Additionally, the Meeting Point Malawi maintains partnerships with Kolping families in Misuku and Mzambazi. In Mzambazi the Meeting Point Malawi assistes the local community by supporting two nursery schools, the youth group, a pig rearing project and micro credits. Also in Misuku the Kolping Youth initiated a pig rearing project.


In Germany the Meeting Point intends to give information about Malawi. The Meeting Point Malawi wants to provide information about the country, its people, traditions, culture, nature and the projects. The members want to impart their enthusiasm for the country and share the experiences they gathered during their journeys to the ‘warm heart of Africa’.


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August Helmig (Chairman)

Brucknerstrasse 4

48477 Hörstel-Riesenbeck, Germany

Phone: +49 5454 769